Illuminating History: The Birth of the Sunehra Lamp

In the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka, amidst the vibrant tapestry of culture and history, a lamp was conceived—a masterpiece that transcends time and echoes the legacy of renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa. The "Sunehra Lamp" is not just a luminary; it's a product of serendipity, historical inspiration, and a six-month journey that unfolded in 2011.

As the art director for Deepa's movie, "Midnight's Children," I found myself immersed in the captivating city of Colombo. Little did I know that this stay would birth the idea of the "Sunehra Lamp." The journey began with a fortuitous visit to the very workshop where the legendary Geoffrey Bawa, an influential Sri Lankan architect (1919-2003), once brought his ideas to life.


The workshop, steeped in history, became the crucible for the creation of the "Sunehra Lamp." Here, I had the privilege to collaborate with skilled craftsmen, continuing the legacy that Geoffrey Bawa had left behind. It was not just a collaboration; it was a homage to the rich tradition of craftsmanship that flourished within those walls.

Crafted meticulously from copper and brass, the "Sunehra Lamp" emerged as a symbol of the extraordinary journey that inspired its creation. The lamp embodies the spirit of creativity, paying homage to the architectural heritage of Geoffrey Bawa. Each curve, every contour, tells a story—a narrative woven with threads of historical significance and artistic finesse.

Geoffrey Bawa's architectural prowess permeates every aspect of the "Sunehra Lamp." The lamp captures the essence of his innovative designs and dedication to the craft. It stands not just as a beacon of light but as a testament to the enduring influence of Bawa's legacy on contemporary design.

The "Sunehra Lamp" is more than an illuminating fixture; it's a tangible connection to a bygone era, a tribute to craftsmanship, and a celebration of architectural heritage. Its warm glow radiates not just light but the spirit of a journey that spans continents and time, connecting us to the creative soul of Geoffrey Bawa and the skilled artisans who brought this vision to life.




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