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Assu Mortar and Pestle

Assu Mortar and Pestle

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The Assu Mortar and Pestle.

Here is something unique and very special, the revival of an ancient craft from Asia to suit a contemporary home. Lathe wood turning combined with resin Lac application, was an unusual craft used for creating stunning cot legs, hand fans, milk churners, mirror stands and other home accessories in Pakistan in the past. Today very few craftsmen survive as the work is labour intensive and time consuming.

We are reviving this beautiful art form to create home accessories that can complement modern home designs, adding that little something to set them apart. Functional and decorative, each piece is made of Shisham (Dalbergio Sissoo) wood, indigenous to Pakistan. Our home accessories make the past a part of the future, every time you take one home, you take with it a piece of history.

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