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Amarkali End table (part two of the REVIVAL series)

Amarkali End table (part two of the REVIVAL series)

Following in the footsteps of the Revival Desk,

amar kali is a Table, a very personal table, designed by Tahir Mahmood as multi functional piece of furniture

an end table,
a bookshelf,
a pull along cart on wheels...

“amar kali” is moveable and equipped to
to join you as you drift into an imaginative space of your book world, sipping your coffee,
dreaming of a by-gone era of arches and love-stories... Its design is reminiscent of the Indo-Pak Sub Continent and its rich history.
Made in babul wood and finely antiqued to salute the architecture of the past, its contemporary blue cabana color adds a whiff of the present to bring you back to “now”...

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