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Bani Thani

Bani Thani

Having showcased his Designed Products since 2010 at IDS Studio North, Tahir continues to surprise his audience with a continued sense of experimentations. He challenges our Design thinking with his unique approach.
The artist within the designer, dips into the pool of the past, finding inspiration, and comes up with refreshing new perspectives.

The very first example is the Bani Thani Dresser:
Made with Walnut wood and designed specifically for small spaces, the Dresser is a prime example of Tahir’s deep influences from the Indian subcontinent.

The inspiration for the dresser came from a centuries-old Miniature painting from Karishan Garh, Rajasthan.

Sawant Singh who was a 7th Century ruler of Krishan Garh (1699-1764) was a great painter and musician too.
His stepmother introduced a Classical Singer “Bani Thani” an acknowledged Painter and Poet, to their repertoire.
She was so beautiful and delicate in nature that Bani Thani is often referred to as the Mona Lisa of the Sub-continent!
The dresser is a tribute to her beauty and to that of every woman…

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