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Potohar Pink Salt lamps and Candle holders

Potohar Pink Salt lamps and Candle holders

In recent years, "Himalayan Salt" has emerged as a popular gourmet condiment renowned for its natural healing properties. While it is commonly associated with India, this perception is misleading.

The prized salt is actually sourced from the Salt Range in Punjab, extending from the south of the Potohar Plateau to the north of the Jhelum River.

Historically, unprocessed salt has been sold at low prices to India and China, where it is refined and packaged for global distribution, often yielding minimal returns for Pakistan. Fortunately, Pakistan is increasingly recognizing the potential of its pink salt as a valuable source of foreign exchange and national pride. Investments are being made to develop this industry and rightfully reclaim the pink salt as "Made in Pakistan." This national treasure, located just a few hundred kilometers from the Himalayas, is aptly referred to as Pakistan's pink gold, symbolizing a promising future for the nation.

I begun exploring the myriad possibilities offered by this ancient resource, captivated by its remarkable glow and energies. These initial designs are only the beginning of an exciting journey ahead.

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