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UMDA single - kitchen cabinet hooks

UMDA single - kitchen cabinet hooks

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Naming our product after “UMDA” meaning [Best Of the Best], one of the brave courtesan freedom fighter of sub-continent in1857.

In fact, many of the courtesans’ kothas were meeting points for the rebels. Post-1857, the full might of the British Empire descended on these kothas. The courtesans who had been the repositories of old culture and fine arts were relegated to the status of common prostitutes and their vast properties were seized.

The Muzaffarnagar area in western UP saw the active participation of women. Some of the names of the women freedom fighters are Asha Devi, Bakhtavari, Habiba, Bhagwati Devi Tyagi, Indra Kaur, Jamila Khan, Man Kaur, Rahimi, Raj Kaur, Shobha Devi and Umda, all of whom sacrificed their lives in active fighting.

According to the records, all these women, with the exception of one Asghari Begum, were in their 20s. They were hanged and, in some cases, burnt alive.

We pay tribute to all those who participated in the 1857 uprising, including the courtesans, and acknowledge their important contributions to the struggle for freedom and justice.

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